Slow Children (formed 2004).


Every person on this planet has experienced the power of ideas. After all, with out ideas there would be no freedoms, no wars, no religion and no reason for you to continue reading this letter, but that is not the case. We have an idea, and parts are being set in motion right now as you read this to make this idea a reality. We consist of middle class rejects, gangster rappers, punk rockers, adrenalin junkies, community activists, students, drop outs, blacks, whites, the poor, the rich, the old, the young, and anybody else who thinks that modern society is in need of some form of change.

We are the majority of this country and we do not believe in classification, segregation, destruction, division, labels, genre, and most importantly the way that this government is controlling our lives and forcing decisions down our thoughts, with out regard to individuality, or personal opinion. We only have one life to live and every day you waste more time in your office, in over crowded class rooms, on the job site, or in traffic, spending time that you will never get back on things you hate, for a pay check that is grossly over taxed. We are searching for people all over America to come and join us.

We have let this cycle of greed and corruption, go on for so long that we have become accustom to it, convenience has become more important than most basic freedoms. How much longer will this go on? We are facing total economic and social destruction regardless of what the media might say. We are drowning in a never-ending sea of debt, accumulated through years of negligence, hypocrisy, and greed but still bills are being passed to increase your already high taxes in order to compensate for their own past mistakes and poor judgment.